Our Ulster-Scot Cousins

Margie (Hockaday) Kinnaman and her daughter and family made a trip to Northern Ireland to visit some of our family roots from the early 1800s when the Agnew family moved from Scotland to Ireland.

A First Hand Experience with Pandemic

Royal Day's Diary 1918

Some of you may find the diary entries that our own Royal Day made during the 1918 Spanish Influenza interesting.   At the age of 17 (going on 18) Royal Day had made a contract with himself at the beginning of 1918 to write a diary with the aim  "to amuse myself on reading it several decades hence".   The October and November diary entries mention the Spanish flu pandemic and you can read his experience here.  WW-I had just ended and tens of thousands of servicemen were returning home from the war. Royal had graduated from Pasadena High School, started at USC and was a member of the Student Army Training Corps (SATC).

Just a note about Royal's writing style.  He was just 18, a typical teenager of the times, and he likes to use initials for his girl friends and often drops in French phrases.   The transcription and annotation of his diary was made possible by Royal's sons Bob and Rich Day.    The full diary is available in the books section.

Family History Project

Loofbourrow Genealogy

As most of you know, the 2019 2nd edition of  “Ancestors & Descendants of James Shanks Loofbourrow & Mary Catherine Syfert” was available in time for the 2019 holidays.   Many of you helped Margie in this effort by sending in updates and photos and biograhical info.  Those of you that did not get their information in should still do that.   We may see if we can publish an update ro addendum of these later updates that people can printout and keep with the family history book.

If you have updates, photos, or family history stories or bios, please send them in.  There are paper forms that you can ask for that help you provide the information needed. There is also a new website input form, the Family Member History update form, that many will find more convenient. Please enter your family information and also provide updated photos and updated biographical information.  Please Contact Margie or Ron if you have questions or want to provide additional information, photos, and stories.

Unique 100 Year Gift Idea

Loofbourrow Genealogy

At the beginning of 1918, Royal Day made a contract with himself to maintain, for one year, a diary.    Thanks to his sons, Bob and Rich, that diary is published for all of our families use and enjoyment.    What a wonderful gift idea for this holiday!   An inspiration to any of us, all of us, to have a similar contract with ourselves to write our daily or weekly reflections of our life.   Ron transcribed the diary and annotated it with pictures of the various items Royal mentioned and was interested in.  

This hardcover book is available online at Lulu Books and takes about 2 weeks for delivery.  A great gift idea for a Birthday, Christmas or as a New Year's gift.  Great to inspire others to make a journal.

2016 Loofbourrow Family Gathering

Many of the Loofbourrow relations were able to attend the Family Gathering in Roseville California this last November 5th, 2016.  It was a special event that included our eldest family member, Perry, new found cousins, and many that travelled a good distance to attend.

Coming soon will be a more interesting and detailed highlights of the day, the special exhibits Margie put together, and links to some of the letters and research that was presented.

About this Website

Loofbourrow Genealogy New!  2nd Edition is available now. Our family has grown and grown these last 300 years and includes many family names now (see left side inset).  This site is dedicated to sharing information for the famiily and helping us all stay connected.   This site is just being renovated from an ultra simple - one page site to a more robust site with much more content and links to information and other resources for learning about the family.   It is also the place to findout how to document and share information.


Royal Day 1918 Diary - Family History The 1918 diary of Royal Harvey Day, the year he turned 18, graduated from Pasadena H.S., started college, entered the Army (the U.S. had just entered WWI), learned to dance, and just began his adult life... A very interesting account. Royal was the son of Oliver & Ella (Loofbourrow) Day.


There are several other books and articles of interest - Other books and articles

Lets all make this a great site by participating in sharing and connecting with our relatives!  (note: click on the book for details)


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Holiday Memories

A few years ago we collected holiday stories from several of our cousins and relatives and gathered them into a 35 page collection. These include stories from the turn of the century (1900) and some as recent as a few years ago. There are stories from our relatives in Iowa, Oklahoma, many from southern California area and up at Hollister. You older ones will enjoy the memories and you younger ones will get a glimpse of family Christmas' past. I hope you enjoy!

Down load the Holiday Memories collection. If you have an iPad you can download it and save it as an iBook. Most of you will probably just print it.


Thanks to fantastic family involvement in helping capture our family history, and the diligent and hard work of decades by Margie, we all now have a rich family history document that includes: interesting charts, Family Trees, Ancestor and Descendants charts, and lots of details on our ancestors..

Interested? Check out the new 2nd edition of our Family Genealogy by Margie (Hockaday) Kinnaman or try our online Family Genealogy. This online data has a security check that prohibits seeing 'living' people but it does show our history and ancestors. Contact Ron for more details.

Gift Idea

First, the new 2nd edition of our Family Genealogy by Margie (Hockaday) Kinnaman. Margie is our family historian and this 520 page hardcover has our family history dating back to the 1600s to present.   It is sold at cost and available here at Lulu, they print and ship in about 10-14 days.

Thanks to Bob and Rich Day, Royal Day's sons, Ron Snow has transcribed and annotated Royal's 1918 diary, a diary he wrote when turning 18, graduating from High School, and starting College and adulthood.  This hardcover is sold at cost and available here at Lulu.