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Earliest birth yearJames Barker I ‎(I1023)‎
Birth 1575 Harwich, Essex, England
Death 1634 ‏(Age 59)‏ At Sea
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year‏(Given name unknown)‏ Wife Of James I ‎(I1024)‎
Death 1620 Essex, England
Latest death year Sharon Diane Lyon ‎(I261)‎
Birth 8 September 1949 23 21 Pomona, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Death 2023 ‏(Age 73)‏ Age: 73 Yucaipa, San Bernardino, CA, USA
Person who lived the longest
William Greene Peters ‎(I4789)‎
Birth February 1857 42 34 AL, USA
Death 15 November 1966 ‏(Age 109)‏ Manteca, San Joaquin, CA, USA
Average age at death
Males: 67   Females: 67
Family with the most children
Joseph Barker + Anne-Anna Manchester ‎(F974)‎
Marriage 31 March 1825 Kilgore, Carroll, OH, USA
Average number of children per family

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On This Day ...
Agnew, Martha MarthaDecember 1911112Burial 
Agnew, Mary Elizabeth Mary ElizabethDecember 197944Death 
Baker, Arthur Davis Arthur DavisDecember 1881142Birth 
Barker, Capt. James III Capt. James III1 December 1722301Death 
Barker, Janet Ethelyn Janet EthelynDecember 199429Burial 
Barker, John William John WilliamDecember 196459Burial 
Bates, Edna Lenore Edna LenoreDecember 197350Burial 
Begemann, Herman Diederich Conrad Herman Diederich ConradDecember 1852171Burial 
Bertagnolli, Ica Josephine Ica JosephineDecember 196954Death 
Blair, Daniel DanielDecember 1885138Birth 
Bonnett, Joseph F. Joseph F.1 December 1904119Birth 
Bowman, Marguerite "Maggie" Jane "Maggie" Marguerite "Maggie" Jane "Maggie"1 December 1876147Birth 
Brown, Kenneth Ansel Kenneth Ansel1 December 1906117Birth 
Bryant, Moses M.
Adams, Margaret
Moses M.1 December 1834189Marriage 
Conlan, Charles "Charley" "Charley" Charles "Charley" "Charley"December 1874149Birth 
Davenport, Charles Baney Charles Baney1 December 1906117Birth 
Dawson, Louis LouisDecember 1856167Birth 
Felepini Cassilli Garner, Carmella Celia Carmella Celia1 December 1884139Birth 
Fields, John JohnDecember 1799224Birth 
Fink, Daniel Jefferson Daniel JeffersonDecember 193291Burial 
Furgerson, William "Willie" Brown "Willie" William "Willie" Brown "Willie"December 197152Burial 
Furgerson, William "Willie" Brown "Willie" William "Willie" Brown "Willie"December 197152Death 
Getty, David
Agnew, Martha
DavidDecember 1901122Marriage 
Gnaedig, Mary Magdalena Mary MagdalenaDecember 1847176Burial 
Graham, Elizabeth ElizabethDecember 1814209Birth 
Hamm, Christian Christian1 December 1827196Birth 
Hanna, William "Billy" James "Billy" William "Billy" James "Billy"December 201310Death 
Hockaday, Alice Lura Alice LuraDecember 197350Burial 
Hockaday, Jennie JennieDecember 1875148Birth 
Hockaday, Rosa May Rosa MayDecember 1902121Burial 
Jones, Eliza J. McGehee Eliza J. McGeheeDecember 192994Burial 
Jones, Willard C. Willard C.December 1898125Birth 
Keller, Donna Lou Donna LouDecember 20149Burial 
Knizley, Amanda Grace Amanda Grace1 December 198637Death 
Koch, Lola M. Lola M.December 1881142Birth 
Lagstone, Doraty
‏(Family name unknown)‏, Eliza J.
DoratyDecember 1869154Marriage 
Leber, Tony TonyDecember 1891132Birth 
Liliger, Joseph
Stumpff, Elizabeth
Josephabout December 1860163Marriage 
Liliger, Rachel Pearl "Tootle" "Tootle" Rachel Pearl "Tootle" "Tootle"December 200419Burial 
Loofbourrow, Benjamin Royal Benjamin RoyalDecember 199924Burial 
Loofbourrow, Carol Diane Carol Diane1 December 199429Death 
Loofbourrow, David Vance David VanceDecember 1879144Birth 
Loofbourrow, Elsie K. Elsie K.December 1885138Birth 
Loofbourrow, Harry Franklin Harry FranklinDecember 196558Burial 
Loofbourrow, Thomas T. Thomas T.December 1866157Burial 
Loofbourrow, Wayne WayneDecember 1900123Birth 
McGehee, Marie F. Marie F.December 198934Burial 
Mackey, Andrew
Agnew, Jane
AndrewDecember 1907116Marriage 
Malone, Thomas Patton Sr. Thomas Patton Sr.December 200716Burial 
Mansell, Mahala Clementine Mahala ClementineDecember 1850173Birth 
Moore, Blanche B. Blanche B.December 198043Death 
Muntz, Kenneth Francis Kenneth FrancisDecember 197350Burial 
Nelson, Paul Hugh
Davis, Eloyce Grace
Paul HughDecember 194974Marriage 
Norwood, Mary Elizabeth Mary ElizabethDecember 193093Burial 
Parmon, Alice Louise Alice LouiseDecember 198043Burial 
Peters, James C. James C.December 1888135Birth 
Plemons, William Bluford Buford William Bluford BufordDecember 1901122Burial 
Rittenhouse, Delilah Delilah1 December 1798225Birth 
Smith, Wilbert Arnold Wilbert Arnold1 December 20149Death 
Steele, Martha Marie Martha MarieDecember 1910113Birth 
Stone, Katherine Florence Katherine FlorenceDecember 200320Burial 
Stumpff, Lillie LillieDecember 1896127Birth 
Stumpff, William Joseph Sr. William Joseph Sr.December 197548Christening 
Taylor, Harvey "Harve" "Harve" Harvey "Harve" "Harve"December 1820203Birth 
Taylor, Hiram "Bud" "Bud" Hiram "Bud" "Bud"December 193984Death 
Trimble, Carl Brainard Carl BrainardDecember 196459Burial 
Vignes, Arthur Henri Jr. Arthur Henri Jr.December 197944Burial 
Wagner, Emil Nicholas Emil NicholasDecember 1855168Birth 
Wilson, Andrew "Andy" Jackson "Andy" Andrew "Andy" Jackson "Andy"December 1850173Birth 
‏(Family name unknown)‏, Mary MaryDecember 1873150Birth 
‏(Family name unknown)‏, Mary A. Mary A.December 1822201Birth 

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